Introducing the official logo for Kaleida Kinetic!  Dally & I feel that this logo properly represents the kaleidoscopic, creative collaboration that is Kaleida Kinetic and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Gianna Morrill of Kuriio for bringing this beautiful concept to life.  Stay tuned for our bombastic demo video to be released in the coming week!

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Timestamp: 1393611558


Some future hoop pro hooping!

Timestamp: 1392129897


Dally & I before our Kaleida Kinetic performance on Wednesday - outrageously pleased with our new costumes :)  

Timestamp: 1391364280


Burning my new Synergy doubles for the second time

Photo by Teri Simpson

Timestamp: 1391364260


Electric forest hooper Mary Jane Schroeder

Timestamp: 1384936123


Contortion Hula Hoop

Timestamp: 1380341921


hey hoopers,

to all of you in search of a “perfect flow” - it will never happen.  you will never reach a level of perfection, because flow is not subject to perfection or even good or bad.  flow is a state of moving meditation.  flow is what feels good to you.  and at every point along the way of your hoop path there will ALWAYS be room for improvement, there will ALWAYS be things you can’t do, and there will ALWAYS be more to learn.  but that’s why hooping is so good, it’s about a journey not a destination.  so don’t worry about this ‘perfect flow’ nonsense, your flow is already perfect because it’s your own <3